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Dr. Nadine Dreyer


Chief Physician Orthopaedics

Dr. med Nadine Dreyer took over the position as Chief Physician at Medical Park Am Kirschbaumhügel Privatklinik und Fachklinik in October 2020, since September 2017 she has already been Chief Physician at Medical Park St. Hubertus, where she was Chief Orthopedic Physician since October 2008. Before that, Dr. Dreyer gained extensive experience as a senior physician in the orthopedic department of the Fachklinik Rhein-Ruhr in Essen, in the Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik Duisburg-Buchholz and in the St. Franziskus Hospital in Cologne. In addition to her clinical activities, Nadine Dreyer was also scientifically involved in the cultivation of cartilage cells and keratinocytes.

Focus, additional qualifications and memberships

  • Physical therapy
  • Balneology
  • Acupuncture
  • Neural Therapy
  • Manual medicine
  • Osteopathy (DAAO)

Studies and residency training

  • St. Franziskus Hospital, Cologne
  • University of the Saarland
  • University of Rennes (France)
  • Oregon Health Science University (USA)

Medical Park St. Hubertus

• 87 km from Munich Airport
• 57 km from Munich
• On Lake Shore of Lake Tegernsee

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